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Mar 06, 2019

What is publishing?

Publishing means making information available to the public. It was done mainly through issuing mainly printed documents, but now many more options are open now such as print websites apps DVD e-publications etc. Choose a publication channel is a big challenge, that support a source and publication’s status, as well as ensuring that the publication reaches the right Audience.

Publishing process

Publishing has following states of developments: copy editing, production, printing marketing and distribution. Publishers spend lots of their time buying or commissioning copy, usually hire their staff to produce the copy. For a work written independently of the publisher, writer submit the query letter first, or proposal diary to the publisher. If the publisher accepts the manuscript referred to the editor for review. They send their choices to the editorial staff. The time and number of people are involved in the process depend on the size of the publishing company. Once the work is accepted, commissioning editor negotiate the purchase the intellectual property right and agree with royalty result.

Pre-production stage- as editing of text, front cover design and initial layout takes place, and sales and marketing of the book begin.

Edit and finish the Rough Draft-This is the first stage of writing work. First should be done with the draft, next comes the rewriting. This is the essential and move the work forward remain. The goal is to have a persistent version of the manuscript which can assist as the foundation for what comes next.

Hand over the work to the Professional Editor: now you need a professional editor to read and edit the manuscript. It may be expensive, but it's necessary and worth it to invest in a professional.

Adjust editing and complete: next step to pursue your manuscript and confirm that you are agreeing to the changes which editor had made. You may ask to improve the quality of work through rewriting or smaller changes and staff will edit the work. Some author accepts the changes and go through the process blindly, which is not a good activity. This is your book After all, so have to final say on what it looks alike.  

Preparing for Publication: Now you have your edited a manuscript and ready to publish. Such companies can help you to complete the essential forward steps to turning a manuscript into a beautiful book.  Now next phase is design.

Cover design: the cover of the book is extremely important. It will be the first thing will see the new reader when they come across the book.  This may include artwork. In publishing “art” also indicates photographs. The type of book being produces the amount of design required.

Printing: After editing and designing work the phase printing comes. Printers send for final checking and sign-ff by the publisher. The final opportunity for the publisher to find and correct any error. Having publisher’s approval, the printing work begins.

Distribution: The final stage of publication is distribution. If the distribution of your book is online that means need to set up an appraisal period for the book, all the various online marketplaces. This will help to find new readers. It involves making the product to the public, usually by offering for sale.


Now your book is available for sale, first you should be available for the Presale just in time. Where this is your 1st Platform to sale book, you must prepare yourself for both good or bad. There is a really hard work behind all the process.

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