Mar 06, 2019

Wow, whenever I hear word team, it gets me a feeling of strength. It gives me a sense of power. Team is not a word, it's like something which is invisible but powerful to make the tasks accomplished. There are many example of team that we see around us. But before writing something about team, it would better to say about individuals who make team.

We see many individual efforts in our life who meet success. But they are very few in comparison of failures. So the majority hits the failure. It would better to state that individual efforts work but not in all the circumstances and even not at all time. It would better to say that it's conversion rate is very low. Many reasons are there to support this statement mentioned below.

They are...

  1. Disappointment - In individual efforts, it is seen that they become fade up very soon.
  2. Lots of effort - Individual has to put a lots of effort to convert it into the success.
  3. Boredom continuous efforts - Success needs regular and boredom continuous efforts to convert into possibilities. It's not that simple that we think. Person has to stick with boredom jobs which create hurdles before him. It also make him frustrated.
  4. Appreciation is required - it always needs appreciation. There are hardly few cases those work without appreciation.

All above reasons call the idea of TEAM.

A team stands up when the individuals are combined. Individuals with different skills make a team. Team converts the impossible into possible. The statement " impossible = i + m + possible" is seen by team efforts.

It is known with many more names like collaborated efforts, group efforts. In my childhood, in a story, i had listen a phrase "Unity is strength". Obviously, it works, nobody has dare to touch you if your are united. In discovery, we see even lions don't dare to harm the herd of buffaloes.

A team has many benefits -

  1. More efforts - Team is combination of many so it helps in producing the efforts in times.
  2. Takes less time - Accomplishment of jobs done in less time. In comparison of individual efforts it takes very less time.
  3. Timely execution - A team believes in timely execution.
  4. Multiple skills - In ladder to success, jobs need multiple talents to finish a job that is provided by a team.
  5. Motivation Level - A team stays always motivated. They don't need to be appreciated by outsiders. They always make them motivated.
  6. The More with less efforts - A team executes more with less efforts. They execute jobs in a focused way.

In Competition

The world is moving in a very competitive way. The term team plays a great role in height of success. it really makes the things possible on or before time. Today, many groups / companies get success easily in short period of time. They continuously work hard and defeat the other competitors. We have examples like in Google, Facebook and many more who changed the world and become successful. Initiative of their founders is really appreciated but touching the heights like now is quite impossible without team support. It's true that collaborated efforts make your dreams true.

As an Indian we all love cricket specially the match between India and Pakistan. As a citizen of India probably i should support India once the match is finished whether India win or lost the game. But i personally appreciate the team who put more efforts. I still remember the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 when Pakistan beat India by 180 runs. Virat Kohli, the man who appreciated Pakistan team and said..

Virat Kohli: “I want to congratulate Pakistan and their supporters. They had an amazing tournament. The way they turned things round speaks volumes for the talent they have. It’s disappointing for us but I have a smile on my face because I’m very proud of how we’ve played in this tournament. They outplayed us, they were more intense and passionate on the day.”

And the matches when Indian team played well and outplayed in Pakistan team, I was glad as an Indian and appreciated the team effort like the world 2003 match when India defeated Pakistan. The team effort was admirable and match when india won world cup on 2nd time.


All the above reasons, benefits make team very special in terms of success.

Manoj Kumar

A corporate trainer.

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