Philosophy in Human Life

Mar 06, 2019

We are familiar with the word “Philosophy”. Let’s talk about what we are pursuing, goal or project or something else. What we are following for that particular thing, what philosophy we consider.

Philosophy comes from the two Greek words Philia which means LOVE and Sophia which means WISDOM. That ideologically speaks philosophy means the love of wisdom.

As is well known Love being stands for strong desire for a particular object, and wisdom is understood as a correct application of knowledge. Philosophy is the science that studies begin with the principle through the help of humans. Philosophy is awareness of experiences summarized in knowledge. It may relate to anybody's personal experience, science, expects and their view towards life.

Philosophy attends to understand the things in a critical and logical manner. Philosophy does not agree on a single definition of philosophy, infect philosophers differ in their basic understanding of their philosophy. The famous German existence philosopher Karl Jaspers defines philosophy as a discipline in a which question are more important than answer, because answers themselves will in turn become questionable.  

Philosophy is inserted into everything. Philosophies are the life long commitments inspire to move on the way to self-improvement. It helps us to identify what we care about. Once the target got cleared in our vision, we became more loyal and steadier to pursuing that. Shadowing the philosophy, we’ll be able to make better decisions rational decisions rather than decision based on anger, fear or pain.  

Philosophy plays an important role in human life. It provides another expect of viewing things and draw the frame of the people’s existed experience. It’s not compulsory to learn from the our own mistakes, we may avoid them with philosopher’s experiences. Philosophy push us towards smartness and avoid slip-ups.

Arti Rathor

Let's try to use imagination...

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