Power of “Continuous and Focused learning & practice”

Mar 05, 2019

Through the entire journey of my life. I have learnt the only thing that is learning and only learning. Learning is the only thing that can take you to the level where you want to reach. Learning something is a step by step approach which helps you gaining more knowledge. It makes you strong factually.

Learning itself is an excited journey. Through out the phase of learning, we experience people, situations, circumstances, good – bad, beautiful – ugly, tough – easy, creativity, stability, time, disappointment, appreciations and many more experiences. But I don’t hesitate to say that these experiences train us in dealing with such others. They make us creative, wise, thinkable, strong and good in sense talk.

We often see people learning & practicing subjects, sports, games, technical & non-technical skills etc. Some of them get success in specific subject and some of them get failure. In the other words, I would they learn. I also spent a lot of time in learning games, sports, skills (technical & non-technical) etc. in the excursion of learning all these no matter if I got success or not but only thing that value is I have learnt. It gave me ability to deal in different situations. Same happens with others who take failure as leaning and don’t stop themselves learning the things.

I would stress on continuous and focused learning. I assure you that a continuous and focused learning take you to a certain level in life where everybody wants to reach. It is known as success. You can say it key of success. More learning more practice makes you expert in any subject. When we continuously and with dedication spend time in learning, we feel good, we feel rejuvenated and it makes subject matter expert. The feeling of being expert in any subject sounds good. People come to you to get suggestions in your subject in your area. You teach them. They study your methods, your ideas, your books. They choose you as a

Practice makes a man perfect

A regular practice makes the jobs possible.

This phrase, you may have heard many times in your life. It sparks automatically in your brain specially when you go down and feel disappointed. it gives you strength to stick with your passion and your learning. Such phrases encourage you to do something new, something creative and regular. Ultimately such phrases become motivator of yours.  we have many examples of successful people who prove themselves put their efforts beyond expectations like Albert Einstein, Sachin Tendulkar, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam etc. There are many more name who are idol of nations idol of people.  Nobody can calculate the efforts of such successful people. These successful people prove the phrase "Practice makes a man perfect"

Manoj Kumar

A corporate trainer.

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