Oct 21, 2019

Whenever we hear the Infographics, the first thing strike in the mind is information and graphics means the graphic exposing some information through visual display information. Infographics have become a rich source of mass communications. These are designed with the purpose of simplifying the complicated subjects into systemizing in easy

tures are visualized like storytelling. They simplify things and make them interesting. They use striking, attractive visuals for conveying information clearly and quickly, and make less use of text that can be a strong tool for displaying data, simplifying concept, mapping concept & relationships, exhibit trends and providing understandings.

Types of Infographics  

Infographics are classified based on their objectives and the communications information. It depends on the objectives of visualization. We can use some type of infographics like:-

Informational Infographics

This is an ideal graphic informational template which communicates the specialized concept wants to be introduced by that. The graphic can be added by shapes and additional icons and whatever the theme demands. It may add words also.

informational infographic

Timeline infographics
This is a that offers the visualization of the timeline of the business journey. Timeline Infographics are used for representing the history of particular event or actions and presents the liner progress. This is a SmartDraw, can be customized as per requirement.liner progress. This is a SmartDraw, can be customized as per requirement.

timeline infographics

Chart Infographics
hart Infographics avbre the infographics that represent the informational data visuals via graphs. This made the informational data sharp and quick, clear and can enhance the performing, visual ability to see patterns and trends. With patternchart infographics are the infographics that represents the informational data visuals via graphs.  

chart infographics

Comparison Infographics

Comparison infographics are infographic those analyses the product’s conditions and compare their similarities, transformations, differences, ideas, and their flaws and advantages etc. These comparisons are identifying their improvements or declines. It may be with the same brand’s product with different versions or two different brands.

comparision infographics

Number Infographics

These are the infographics which works with the numbers data. They described information by the numbers. Numbers attracts attention of the visitors, it makes the data more effective and eye catchy.

number infographics

Resume Infographics

They provide a visual description to someone’s professional qualification, their work experience. Resume is a describing way of a person. Resume infographics are recognized as a swift and stand like a represented of the person.

resume infographics

Infographic’s visual essentials

There are some things which makes the Infographics eye-catchy. Attract to the viewers and make them to visit the stuff.
some of them are-
Infographic color- the importance of a color may be play down by a customer, but the marketers spend lot of time on the color selection. Color plays crucial part, it can enhance or blur the information.

Infographic fonts- font selection decide  the vision of the context. The purpose of the font selection is not to provide overly sparkle the reader, we need to font that helps to explain the content. Infographic font should maintain the well balance between attention and understanding.

Infographics Icons- choice of icon should be match or to fit the infographic’s comprehensive color and font theme. Infographic icon selection is should not be a distraction creator. Infect if it conveys another explanation of the describing context is valuable.  

Infographic Image- choosing infographic image is another consideration which should keep in center while selecting. Avoid using the image that have easily seen by user. Use the recent ideas and picture in the recent project.

Arti Rathor

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