Competing with Content In SEO

Oct 21, 2019

A Search engine is a software which allows the user to search for information via www (world wide web). It applies to a huge Database of internet resource. User can enter the keywords or phrase in the search engine box, and search engine provides a long list of results in a few seconds, what the user was looking for.  

What is content…
Content is a packet of available information for people to see, read and use.  Content is an important factor for the purpose of SEO. When you are looking for the right text, it’s obvious using the keywords for your website, there is no need to worry about the picture, video or sound at least for the search engine. What we should care about is text- the words that search engine can identify and read. After all “Content is the king” of presenting stuff.

There are some positive and some negative impacts come out with content creation.

Content can be created in three ways-

  1. Create your own content

2.  Convince someone else to create your content for pay, force or bribe.

3. Find existing content from anywhere.

1.       We start a discussion with the first way to create your own content. If you are going to write the content by yourself, keep some points in your mind. They are-          

Writing content is a time-consuming process even for a decent and experienced writer too. You need to know proper knowledge about the presenting topic. The though clarity made the content worthy.

Many people are not good writers. The writing process timing is time-consuming no doubt but the result also matters. Sometimes they wouldn’t be matched with the expectations.

If you do write your own content, review your spells and grammar check. Then have the check by someone who may check the content consciously and rectify the mistake.

Summarizing the online Articles. Describe the links, keyword-laden review of what the article is about and unfolding the product or services.

Review the website and product. Here can write a short review of product-related the subject matter covered by the site. This could benefit that eventually, people may start sending their own review. There are many websites are earning money from advertising based on this concept, such as

2.       Convincing someone else to write content- one approach is that you can not force someone to write for you is to pay someone. People have some strange vision of a trendy writing life that’s awaited them.

If you are paying someone to write for you, draw a simple contract saying that the work is a work for hire. It means you are buying that specific work and all rights to it. Otherwise, you don’t own that work. It is that without a contract the writer has the legal right to sell the content work to the other websites.

3.       Using the existing content from somewhere- writing self-content or hiring someone to create content are the slowest ways to create content. Here using someone else’s content is a quick way.

Quick content sources for the sites are including many things. They are mentioned under the line-

Product information- manufacture and distributor of the product sell on the site.
Web-sites and e-mail newsletters- contact the owner of the work and ask them for using their work.
Government sources- check government web-sites for free material.
Content Syndication sites- these sites provide for content.
Advertorial services – these companies provide free articles; these companies provide both print and web content.
Open content and copyleft- these are probably based on the old Internet maxim that information wants to be free.
Search pages- is the place where you can search at a site to generate a search result with your decided keywords.
Press Release- it may release related to the business area. They’re copyright free, so can use them wherever want.
Q&A area on the site- the way serves the site to your visitors and get keywords into the site.

COPYRIGHT – what you can and can’t use on the site.

Someone creates a work like article, song, tune or anything-copywriting is automatic. There is no need to register the copyright, the creator owns the copyright whether registered or not. If there was no copyright disclaimer it doesn’t mean that the content isn’t owned by someone.
Generally, can’t take and use an article from the newspaper, magazine, or any website without permission.

Looking from other’s contents

Have content with the keywords presented in it. Content has at least some of your keywords, it still may possible that it’s not enough for SEO.
In some cases, the no need to edit the content to involve the keywords because you felt no need to change into the content.

Product Information
The related information from the website sell product can be posted on your site. They will be indexed by the major search engine including Google. These kinds of file do not rank the search engine. Its ideal approach is converting the work in HTML file.

Web-sites and e-mail news letter
The idea of finding the article that you wanted to use in your websites with the owner’s permission. Nothing is bad to ask people to let their content use. Infect many people use content syndication as the promotion strategy for their site. They want people to use their stuff and mention attribution and put the link the site origin.

Government source
The Government sites are rich source of information about anything. Some of the government departments do not have copyright protection. But you should know about some of the exceptions.  
The government may also hold the copyright on work. Some of the non-governmental agencies create the content on behalf of the government but may not be protected with copyright.

Content Syndication site-
content-syndication sites are the place where the author posts their content, so the site owner or editor can use them for free. It demands only including the link back to the author’s website.  There are many choices that can be used from content if you find some relevant that is of high quality, make sure before using it doesn’t appear thousands of times elsewhere.

Traditional Syndication service
Syndication Services preserved the content. Some of them sell content for the sites. So, the material should be better than from free syndicated content. The free content has seemed good but the situation came across when you exhaust your search for free content.

Search Result Pages
Search engine pages are those pages which are displayed the respond to query by searcher with exact keywords to define. Search pages can be manually copied and paste. The sites, which have a big number of article and a search function may be good participants. Track the search, then copy the context and paste it into a web page.  One more thing you should consider that make sure the link of the search result will work and open to the next window outcomes in the next or new window. This is also a way to bind people to stay on your site, or not to leave to click on next same page.

Press Release
The Press release has a positive site that you don’t need any kind of permission, you can use them without permission. There is no need to contact the owner of the press resales because you have already had implemented an agreement that allow you simply to release the post even with the same content.  

Q&A Areas
This is an attractive and interesting portion of the site after having enough traffic on your site. You can set up the portion of Q&A (question and answer) or FAQ (frequently asked question) area on the site. When searchers visit your sites and ask questions that can provide the keyword-laden questions in many cases, and you can answer them and bind the audience with your answers.

Message Boards
The Message board is also known as a forum or bulletin board system (BBS). Having a BBS allows the site visitors to place the keywords in your site for you. A message board may be the source of website traffic, bringing people to the conversation.

They are like short diaries; these kinds of the structure allow people to write any type of stuff and published that their content. Blogging systems are content management system software that simplifies the process of creating and managing the web pages. Some of the blog hosting services provide a way to participate in the websites and blog can be an effective tool for SEO if you have succeeded to create enough content.

Duplicate Content
The concept behind the duplicate content is that search engine doesn't prefer the same content at many different places. In some cases, duplicate content may be shown with the purpose of manipulating the site ranking the trick your user.
Need to focus on filtering rather than ranking adjustments. Read all comments carefully that these are pointed out toward duplicate content on your sites.

A common SEO trick was to create a single page of content and make many copies, each seems slightly different. The search engine didn’t prefer this kind of duplicate content game.  

Arti Rathor

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